Korean poster for Walt Disney’s animated film “Frozen” [Walt Disney]

Walt Disney’s animated film “Frozen” may have allowed Korean pic “Miss Granny” to take the reigns on the Korean box office last weekend but it looks like it wasn’t quite ready to go down.

The Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) showed on Monday that “Frozen” attracted 1.17 million moviegoers between February 7 and 9, a figure that placed it back on the top spot of the box office.

The two-time box office winner had been dethroned by “Miss Granny” the previous weekend, a sign that the animated movie may have started to lose steam.

In the meantime, “Miss Granny” itself stepped down a slot to No. 2 after selling over 1.04 million tickets while Korean drama “Man in Love” remained in third place with around 212,000 tickets sold.

Also, U.S.-Australia’s fantasy action flick “I, Frankenstein” debuted at fourth place with more than 186,000 viewers and Korean drama “Another Family” leapt up a whopping 27 spots to round off the top five positions after drawing in around 139,000 audiences.

Other much enjoyed films were the newly debuted “The Lego Movie,” animated film “The Nut Job,” Korean drama “The Attorney,” Korean high school film “Hot Young Bloods,” and Korean comedy action “The Huntresses.”

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Walt Disney Films