No Min-woo

Singer-actor No Min-woo [No Min-woo’s Twitter account]

Singer-actor No Min-woo is looking into appearing in a new SBS drama, his agency said on Monday.

The 27-year-old actor is “positively considering” an upcoming Monday-Tuesday series tentatively titled “God’s Gift,” an official with MJ Dreamsys told TenAsia over the phone.

He is said to have been offered the role of a rock band leader/idol star, which was originally set to be taken on by idol group BEAST member Lee Gi-kwang but gave up on due to his busy schedule.

“God’s Gift” starring top Korean actors Jo Seung-woo and Lee Bo-young, is set to premiere after current series “One Warm Word” ends its run in February. B1A4 Baro will be in the show as well.

The drama itself will be about a mother, who has lost her child, protecting that child after going back two weeks in time.

No made his debut as a drummer in rock band TRAX in 2004 though he left the band in 2006 to kick off his acting career which has included several projects including “Pasta” (MBC, 2010), “Midas” (SBS, 2011) and film “Ghastly” (2011).

Reporter. Kim Gwang-kuk
Translator. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of No Min-woo’s Twitter account