CNBLUE, "Can't Stop"

Image showing “Can’t Stop,” name of CNBLUE’s upcoming album and title track [FNC Entertainment]

The name to CNBLUE’s upcoming album and title track have been revealed.

A press release by the rock quartet’s agency FNC Entertainment said on Tuesday that both will be called “Can’t Stop,” with the title track written by leader and main vocalist Jung Yong-hwa.

The entire album, set to be CNBLUE’s fifth mini-album, will contain a total of six songs which will be written and composed by the members of CNBLUE themselves.

However, they have yet to set the date for the album’s release. As of now, they are planning to make their comeback in late February but are in the process of setting the exact date, the statement added.

In the meantime, it has been announced that CNBLUE will record a 70-minute show that will mark their comeback, the first time for a band to do so. It will air on SBS in early March.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of FNC Entertainment