Kang Ji-hwan, Choi Daniel

Actors Kang Ji-hwan (left) and Choi Daniel [Kimjonghak Production/Awana Entertainment]

Actors Kang Ji-hwan and Choi Daniel have been cast in a new drama, according to its promoter on Thursday.

A press release by 3HW COM stated that the two will star in KBS’s Monday and Tuesday series tentatively titled “BIG MAN” starting April 14.

The show will be about a man, who after born as an orphan lives a low life, yet comes to take up a fight to protect the people that are special to him,


Kang will play that man who one day finds out he was the hidden son to a top conglomerate family and Choi the son of that family who had always been set to be the heir. They will also form a love triangle with a woman.

An official with the show’s producer Kimjonghak Production was quoted as saying, “We came to cast Kang because we thought an actor with the ability to express the character’s various emotions freely would fit the role.”

Of Choi the official was quoted as saying, “His role needed to be played by someone who can be charismatic and show a thoroughly split personality. We thought Choi would be the best actor for the role because he has solidified a field of acting of his own by taking on various characters.”

Kang’s last project was SBS drama “Incarnation of Money” early last year and Choi’s most recent project was film “AM 11:00” at the end of last year.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Kimjonghak Production, Awana Entertainment