B.A.P [TS Entertainment]

Boy band B.A.P have finally been able to prove they are one of the hottest idol groups in the Korean music scene.

The six-member group took their first-ever win on national television including on KBS’s Thursday program “Music Bank” and SBS’s Sunday program “Inkigayo” with their new song “1004(Angel).”

“We will become a group that changes your hopes to shouts of joy,” they said to fans in their acceptance speech along with thanking their agency.

“1004(Angel)” is the title track to their first studio album “First Sensibility” released two weeks ago which has fared well overseas too, topping Billboard’s World Albums chart and ranking within the top five slots of a total of nine iTunes Store Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums charts.

In the meantime, Girls’ Day took their second consecutive win on Mnet’s Thursday show “M! CountDown” with “Something” from their third album and MBC’s Saturday show “Music Core” was cancelled due to the broadcasting of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of TS Entertainment