From left, Korean boy group JYJ member Kim Jaejoong, XIA Junsu and Park Yuchun [C-JeS Entertainment]

K-pop trio JYJ is expected to be able to pursue their up-till-now much-hindered activities freely in Japan from now on.

Their agency C-JeS Entertainment announced through their website on Sunday, “C-JeS and AVEX have agreed to end all legal disputes that had arisen between the two parties till now. We will no longer interfere in each other’s activities.”

The agreement came as a result of the active mediation of the Tokyo High Court when AVEX appealed against the court’s decision in January of last year that ruled the top Japanese entertainment firm stop claiming it holds sole management rights over JYJ in Japan and pay C-JeS around 660 million yen in compensation, C-JeS explained.

After JYJ’s Yuchun, Junsu and Jaejoong parted from their original group TVXQ! in 2009 after taking legal action against their former agency SM Entertainment for injustice regarding their contracts, the trio signed with AVEX in February 2010 to manage their activities in Japan.

However, the two clashed regarding the scope of JYJ’s activities, so AVEX notified C-JeS of the halt of their contract half a year later, and C-JeS too notified AVEX the cancellation of their contract with them, so C-JeS independently pursued JYJ’s activities in Japan.

In reponse, AVEX claimed they had sole management rights over JYJ in Japan so C-JeS had filed a suit with Tokyo’s High Court demanding the banning of AVEX’s interference and compensation.

Baek Chang-joo, chief of C-JeS, was quoted as saying, “This is most significant in that JYJ’s activities in Japan have been guaranteed legally as well…… I’m happy that JYJ’s long legal dispute has ended and hope that they will get to meet with their Japanese fans more often and closer up.”

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment