Korean poster for Walt Disney’s animated film “Frozen” [Walt Disney]

Walt Disney’s “Frozen” continued its reign on Korea’s box office over the weekend.

The Korean Box Office Information System (KOBIS) showed on Monday that ”Frozen” attracted over 747,000 moviegoers between February 14 and 16, keeping it in first place on the box office for the second week in a row and four times in total.

The globally-successful animated pic had topped the Korean box office since its release in the country on January 16, although Korean comedy drama “Miss Granny” took the honor from it a brief week mid-way.

Nonetheless, having drawn in over an accumulate 8.95 million viewers so far, “Frozen” has further solidified its status as the most-watched animation film ever in Korean box office history, a record it had first taken up two weeks ago when it hit the six million mark.

Following in second place was “Miss Granny” for the second week as well with nearly 681,000 tickets sold, which brings its accumulate close to seven million — also considered a successful number in the Korean film market.

Newly-released action blockbuster “RoboCop” was third on Korea’s box office after selling around 501,000 tickets and Korean comedy drama flick “Venus Talk,” also a newcomer, followed at No. 4 with more than 272,000 viewers.

Korean drama “Another Family” stayed in fifth place for the second consecutive week by attracting around 96,000 moviegoers.

Other much enjoyed films were Korean drama “Apostle,” Japanese animation “Detective Conan: The Private Eye’s Requiem,” Korean melodrama “Man in Love,” U.S. animation “The Lego,” and U.S.-Canada animation “Escape from Planet Earth.”

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures