The official poster of MBC drama "Empress Ki." [MBC]

The official poster of MBC drama “Empress Ki.” [MBC]

MBC drama “Empress Ki” is showing no sign of letting go of its grip on the top position of the TV chart.

According to AGB Nielsen Media on Wednesday, the Monday-Tuesday primetime show drew in an average viewership rating of 26.55 percent on February 17 and 18, the highest rating the period-set drama has recorded since its premiere in late October of last year.

Following in second place was SBS’s “One Warm Word” with a rating of 11.2 percent on Monday, a slight increase from last week. However, it did not air on Tuesday due to the broadcasting of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

Last on the chart was KBS’s new drama “Beyond the Clouds” which scored a low average mark of 4.4 percent. Although it did not go on air on Tuesday due to the Olympics as well, KBS showed the first two episodes in a row on Monday.

Starring Yoon Kye-sang and Han Ji-hye, “Beyond the Clouds” is a 16-part drama revolving around the fate of a man who loses his life due to a shooting incident, and a woman who has lost the man she was engaged to.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of MBC