Lee Jong-suk 3

Lee Jong-suk [Wellmade Entertainment]

Actor Lee Jong-suk has been diagnosed with swine flu, his agency said on Wednesday.

An official with Wellmade Entertainment told TenAsia over the phone, “He is currently resting after being diagnosed with swine flu yesterday at a hospital in Seoul.”

Lee had complained of a headache after returning to Korea from a fan meeting in China last Friday, the official explained.

The official then said, “He has a very busy schedule but his health comes first. We’ll move about his schedule depending on the progress he makes.”

Lee was set to shoot his next drama tentatively titled “Doctor Stranger” starting next week but this will have to be changed due to his condition.

Set to premiere in April, the upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama will revolve around the life of Lee’s character named Park Hoon, a genius doctor and North Korean defector, who gets to work at the top hospital in South Korea.

Reporter. Jung Si-woo
Translator. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Wellmade Entertainment