Boy band EXO [SM Entertainment]

More of EXO’s fans in Japan will get to see the boy band at their upcoming fan event.

A press release by their agency SM Entertainment on Wednesday stated that they have added an extra show to what was originally set to be a total of four shows over April 12 and 13, accommodating 70,000 fans altogether.

With the additional show, the 12-member group are now set to meet with a total of 100,000 fans between April 11 and 13 at their first-ever fan event in the country titled “EXO Greeting Party in Japan ‘Hello!'”

The extra show was added due to the explosive response the event received with over 400,000 people applying for tickets, SM explained.

This is impressive given that EXO has yet to make their official debut in Japan but they have been one of the most popular newcomer K-pop boy bands, having swept up a number of top awards at music awards ceremonies last year following their debut in early 2012.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of SM Entertainment