Park Yuchun

Korean singer/actor Park Yuchun of group JYJ. [SBS]

Singer-actor Park Yuchun has injured his shoulder while shooting his upcoming drama.

An official with his agency C-JeS Entertainment told TenAsia over the phone on Thursday, “Park complained of pain in his shoulder so he received thorough examination for it on Wednesday.”

However, he was told there is no major problem to it so he is undertaking his scenes to the point he doesn’t overwork his shoulder, the official added.

“We’re worried because it’s cold and he has a lot of action scenes but he can’t push back his shoots because the drama is set to go on air soon. He’s being as careful as he can as well,” the official also explained.

Park is set to play a bodyguard in the upcoming show “Three Days” (translated title), which is set to premiere on March 5 and will revolve around elite bodyguards trying to find and protect the country’s president who goes missing.

Reporter. Kim Gwang-kuk
Translator. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of SBS