CNBLUE [FNC Entertainment]

The release date of CNBLUE’s upcoming album has been pulled up by a day, their agency said on Friday.

A press release by FNC Entertainment stated that the rock quartet’s fifth mini-album “Can’t Stop” will be revealed online on the midnight of February 23 instead of February 24.

“This decision was made because of the heated response to the fans waiting for CNBLUE’s new album,” the statement explained.

Leader and main vocalist Jung Yong-hwa, who is known to have written and composed the album’s title track also named “Can’t Stop,” was quoted as saying of the record, “It’ll be worth looking forward to our musical direction and identity.”

CNBLUE are set to give their first performance of their new album through a 70-minute comeback show to be shown on major broadcasting channel SBS on March 2.



Cover to CNBLUE’s fifth mini-album “Can’t Stop” [FNC Entertainment]

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of FNC Entertainment