Park Ki-woong

Korean actor Park Ki-woong [Wave On Company]

Actor Park Ki-woong of last year’s smash hit film “Secretly, Greatly” will serve his military duties starting May 8, his agency said on Tuesday.

“Park decided to take up his military duties following the settlement of his starting date as a conscripted policeman,” an official with his agency Wave On Entertainment told TenAsia over the phone.

Accordingly, he will undergo several weeks of training first after which he will serve the rest of his two-year mandatory military duties as a conscripted policeman.

The official also explained that Park is almost done fulfilling his work schedule: “He’s done filming movie ‘I Saw You’ (translated title) and is in the process of wrapping up film ‘Made in China.'”

The 29-year-old actor will then conclude all his activities by holding a fan meeting in Japan where he has fans due to his previous works, the official added.

Park made his debut in Japanese omnibus horror film in 2005 and came into the spotlight with his role in 2011 action film “War of the Arrows” and 2012 KBS period-set drama “Bridal Mask.”

Reporter. Kim Gwang-kuk
Translator. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Wave On Entertainment