Choi Ji-woo

Actress Choi Ji-woo [YG Entertainment]

Actress Choi Ji-woo has joined major talenthouse YG Entertainment, the agency announced on Wednesday.

A statement said the 38-year-old actress recently signed with YG which manages not only K-pop’s biggest names such as PSY, Big Bang, and 2NE1, but also a number of actors including Cha Seung-won, Ku Hye-sun, and Yoo In-na.

“Choi will now be able to prepare to jump to another level as an actress through this relationship due to YG’s brand power and its globalized and systematic management system,” YG explained while referring to its overseas branches that target Japan and the China region.

This will suit Choi’s career because she has been one of the most popular Korean actresses in Asia since starring in “Winter Sonata” in 2002 and has since been active in those two countries in particular, YG went on to say.

Choi, who now has 20 years of acting experience under her belt, most recently starred in SBS drama “The Mystery Housemaid” last year.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of YG Entertainment