Empress Ki

Actress Ha Ji-won on the poster of MBC’s historic epic “Empress Ki, Battle of Flowers.” [MBC]

MBC’s historical drama “Empress Ki” recorded its highest rating once again this week, proving it has no competition in the Monday-Tuesday primetime drama slot.

According to AGB Nielsen Media on Wednesday, the Ha Ji-won starrer posted an average viewership rating of 26.95 percent on February 24 and 25, its highest mark to date.

Its Tuesday episode in particular grabbed the show a rating of 28.6 percent, its best score since its premiere in October of last year, leading viewers and the industry to wonder whether the 50-part series will surpass the 30-percent mark.

In the meantime, SBS’s “One Warm Word” closed its curtains in second place with an average rating of 7.2 percent. It scored an 8.7 percent rating on Monday’s final episode and 5.7 percent rating on its special episode regarding the show.

KBS’s “Beyond the Clouds” starring Yoon Kye-sang and Han Ji-hye stayed in third place with a mean score of 4.5 percent, barely improving from last week’s score of 4.4 percent.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of MBC