Ku Hye-sun

Actress Ku Hye-sun [YG Entertainment]

Actress Ku Hye-sun will star in an upcoming drama, her first TV role in two years.

Tentatively titled “Angel Eyes,” the upcoming melodrama is set to be broadcasted by SBS in April and will go on air on the weekends, Ku’s agency YG Entertainment stated through a press release on Thursday.

In the show, revolving around the main male and female characters reuniting 12 years after having go of their first loves due to their painful pasts, Ku will play an emergency rescue worker who had been blind until she underwent transplant surgery.

Actor Lee Sang-yoon has been cast for the role of the lead male character – a smart and warm-hearted doctor who wants to protect the woman he loves.

The drama itself will be helmed by Park Shin-woo who co-produced SBS’s hit drama “Queen of Ambition” and written by Yoon Ji-ryun of KBS’s smash hit “Boys Over Flowers,” which also placed Ku to stardom in 2009.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of YG Entertainment