K-pop group TVXQ! [SM Entertainment]

Boy band TVXQ! have proven they are the worthy of their nickname ‘K-pop royalty’ by taking the most awards at Japan’s Gold Disc Awards this year.

The 28th Gold Disc Awards on Thursday announced that the duo were the winners in a total of five categories including Best  Asian Artist, Album of the Year, Best 3 Albums (Asian), Song of the Year by Download, and Best Music Videos.

Their labelmate Girls’ Generation won twice in the category of Best 3 Albums (Asian): one being “GIRLS’ GENERATION II ~ Girls and Peace ~” and the other “LOVE AND PEACE.”

Six-member boy band B.A.P were named the winners in two categories as well including New Artist of the Year and Best 3 New Artists (Asia).

Male solo singer Seo In-guk won in the Best 3 New Artists (Asia) category as well.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of SM Entertainment