A shot provided by CUBE DC

A singer Rain has been cast in a Chinese film, “Hong Yan Lu Shui” as a lead role.

According to his agency Cube DC, Rain will appear on the film directed by Gao Xixi, and this draws attention because Rain only have been playing on the screen of Hollywood.

He will play a talented young painter named Shui Chung Shuin who falls in love with a woman who also approaches him but with different thoughts.

Liu Yifei, a famous Chinese actress was cast as the female lead, and she is well-known actress in South Korea with her previous works.

‘Hong Yan Lu Shui’ also catches eyes with the best performing staffs and actors involved in the production of the film. Especially Gao Xixi, the director of the film is one of ‘the seven representative directors of China,’ and his works such as ‘History of a Salaryman,’ and ‘Records of the Three Kingdoms’ has earned several awards.

The production agency reported “Rain’s talent and capability to focus on his role as a singer and producer reflects the role’s character in the film, and that is why he has been cast.”

Regarding to his comeback, Rain has finished with the sixth album ‘Rain Effect’ in success last January, and he is holding tight schedules these days. For now, he is planning to keep working on the album, concerts, and the film, and his first shooting of ’Hong Yan Lu Shui’ will be held during mid-March.

Reporter: Jawon Lee

Courtesy of CUBE DC