Kim Soo Hyun, 'Super Brain

Kim Soo Hyun Appears on ‘Super Brain’

Kim Soo Hyun’s appear on Jiangsu Satellite TV’s variety show ‘Super Brain’ has been reported, and on 8th, and Jiangsu Satellite TV released few images of the filming through Weibo. Kim Soo Hyun dressed in a black tuxedo, appeared as a judge of the show with Chinese top star, Zhang Baek Ji.

It was reported ‘Super Brain’ paid 600 million won for his appearance and private jet. Another Chinese media reported that expensive illegal tickets circulated off and on-like for those who could not buy the tickets for the taping.

Kim So Hyun will be holding a fan meeting tour in nine cities in seven Asian countries, starting with the one in Seoul mid-March.

Reporter: Jawon Lee

Photo Creadit: Jiangsu Satellite TV Weibo