‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’, Rating

KBS2, ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’

KBS2, ‘Our Neighborhood’ recorded the top rating among the Tuesday variety shows.

According to Neilson Korea on 12th, the show was on last 11th recorded 6.4% rating. It is 0.7%. It is 0.7% increase from the last episode.

On this episode, Kang Ho Dong, Kim Yeon Woo, John Park, Julien Kang, and Seo Ji Suk, FeellDog, Chansung, and Hoya have appeared. This episode’s sport is taekwondo and held an audition to recruit members from the viewers. The participants with various careers and individuality have appeared and shown off their talent.

Reporter: Jawon Lee

Photo Credit: KBS2 ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’