'Infinite Challenge', Rating

SBS ‘Infinite Challenge’

MBC’s variety show, ‘Infinite Challenge’ has lost the race of rating to ‘Immortal Song’ of KBS2.

According to the Neilson Korea rating analysis company, on 16th, the rating of ‘Infinite Challenge’ appeared on 15th was 11.8%. Although it is 0.7% increase from the last episode, ‘Immortal Song’ recorded 14.0%.

‘Infinite Challenge’ has recorded third place on last 8th allowing ‘Immortal Song’ and SBS’s ‘Star King’ to break its immovable rating.

Yet, on this episode they have still showed their unique “challenge spirit” revealing their new mission, challenge for the domestic car racing on this coming May.

Reporter: Jawon Lee

Photo Credit: MBC, ‘Infinite Challenge’