Crayon Pop, New Album

Crayon Pop

Girl group, Crayon Pop’s new theme for the album is revealed.

On 17th, through their official Facebook page, they have posted some photo shoots of new single album with a statement of ‘Urban Life Style, Crayon Pop’s Illustrated Photo Release’.

In the photos, they are wearing ramie clothes, red hair band, red shocks and rubber shoes with sunglasses on, showing off their unique ‘airport fashion’.

According to the agency, this album’s theme is ‘comfort, practicality, but at the same time uniqueness and differentiation’, and that is why they have chosen ramie clothes which is familiar to the fans in Korea, but also is ‘something different’ to the international fans.

Crayon Pop is holding a showcase on coming 28th and 29th, and planning to reveal the album on 31th.


Reporter: Jawon Lee

Photo Credit: Crayon Pop Facebook