Park Hae Jin, Civil Public Welfare Award

Park Hae Jin at The Civil Public Welfare Award

Actor Park Hae Jin has received the ‘civil public welfare award’ in the 4th Civil Public Welfare Awards held in China, on 18. Park Hae Jin was the first foreign actor invited to the Awards and first to receive the prize.

The Civil Public Welfare Awards is a grand event that awards only selected starts that are known to have warm heart and beautiful personalities. In last year, Chinese biggest celebrities such as Fan Bing Bing, Hai Qing, and Chen Kun have received the prize.

Park Hae Jin entered the carpet with Chinese model, Chang Yang. He styled in a red jacket and showed off his perfect looks. He was the 9th winner among the ten, and gathered all the attention from the press as the only Korean celebrity receiving the award.

Park Hae Jin said, “I’m very honored to receive such a big award, and at the same time it feels heavy to me, because I haven’t done anything great to deserve this. In Korea, I’m helping the children who suffer from sexual harassment and the elders, and I will do the same in China. I will always try to become a person suitable for this award.”

Meanwhile, he is working on new drama, SBS ‘Doctor Stranger’ which will be aired in April.

Reporter: Jawon Lee

Photo Credit: WM Company