Park Hyo Shin, Wild Flower

Park Hyo Shin

Singer Park Hyo Shin’s ‘Wild Flower’ is holding the top place of the music charts.

After its release on 28, it immediately has swept all the music charts in the country including Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Dum, Nave, Olleh, Cyworld, Monkey3, and has proven his dignity.

Park Hyo Shin came back with the song signaling his 7th album release. It has been four years after his 6th album, ‘Gift part.2” in 2010.

‘Wild Flower’ is a song he wrote to convey his story of blooming through music in his struggles like a wildflower in a winter filed. The wildflower in the song is personified to express his rough life experience through the music.

Starting with the ‘Wild flower’, he is planning to release rest of the songs in the 7th album in order.

Reporter: Jawon Lee

Courtesy of Jellyfish Entertainment