Park Hae Jin, Brand Launch

Park Hae Jin

Actor Park Hae Jin has successfully launched his fashion brand in China, working with Mark Cheung, worldly renowned designer.

On March 25 in Bejing, he carried out the launching promotion event along it mark Cheung and gathered 200 media outlets. He has shown off his stylish fashion in drama with turtleneck long coat, hair styles, and sneakers which have hit the fashion industry.

In the event, he said “I will be designing based on the market trends, and I would like to offer comfortable styles that I prefer. The best design is the ones that fit comfortably on your body.”

Mark Cheung has praised Park Hae Jin by saying, “I’ve got to know him because of my daughter, but I was struck by his unique fashion sense. He has special sense in ‘mix and match’ in comfortable style. He is a born designer.”

Park Hae Jin received special congratulations from a Chinese actress Huang Man with flowers and a hug.

Meanwhile, the first episode of his upcoming drama ‘Doctor Strange’ will be aired on April 28.

Reporter: Jawon Lee

Courtesy of WMCompany