Jay Park, Metronome

Jay Park

Jay Park Releases the MV Teaser for ‘Metronome’ Feat. Simon D

Singer Jay Park unveiled his new song, ‘Metronome ’by revealing the music video teaser through his official YouTube account, on 9.

This teaser clip portrays a sexy scene of Jay Park sitting on a sofa with a woman. The short chorus with lyrics is sung through the teaser, evoking the viewer’s imagination.

This music video is directed by Jinooya, who has also worked on Jay Park’s other music videos, ‘JOAH’, and ‘I Like 2 Party’. In this track will show off the well-mixed collaboration of Jay Park’s vocal, Simon D’s rap, and Gray’s hook.

Jay Park’s new digital single album, ’Metronome’ will be officially revealed on 11.

Reporter: Jawon Lee

Courtesy of ‘Metronome’ Teaser