Park Bom, 2NE1,  ‘Roommate’

Park Bom of 2NE1

SBS new variety show, ‘Roommate’ revealed Park Bom’s character card.

Recently, they have completed the first shooting and started to release the character cards of the cast one by one.

The card is released through its official website, and it descried Park Bom as ‘a world class top artist’, ‘unidentified artistic creature’, and ‘must be fed to wake up’ and boosted the curiosity.

So far, her appearances on the other programs such as Mnet ‘WINNER TV’ and ‘2NE1 TV’ have shown her unique, off-the-wall, and cute charms.

Through the episodes in ‘Home-share’ system, her endless charms will be revealed. The first episode will be premiere on 20, 4:40pm.

Reporter: Jawon Lee

Courtesy of SBS