Singer-actor Lee Seung-gi will host SBS’s Tuesday talk show “Strong Heart” alone for the time being due to co-host Kang Ho-dong’s temporary retirement from the entertainment industry.

An official with Lee’s agency Hook Entertainment told 10Asia over the phone on Wednesday, “For now, it has been decided that Lee will host the show’s recording for September 22 alone.”

The producers of “Strong Heart” have been looking for an alternative to Kang whose last time on the show will be September 27 but have yet to come up with a solution.

A number of other programs that Kang hosts, including SBS’ Saturday show “Star King” and MBC’s Wednesday talk show “The Guru Show,” are in quandary as well with Kang’s abrupt departure.

This has put these shows, the most popular in the country, at risk but Kang has remained firm in his decision which less than two weeks ago when public furor mounted over his failure to declare his income properly for which the National Tax Service (NTS) slapped him with back and penalty taxes worth several hundreds of millions of won.

Kang, 41, was formerly one of Korea’s top traditional wrestlers who in the recent years had been one of the most successful TV personalities in the country since his turn to the entertainment industry in 1993.

Along with Yoo Jae-suk, Kang has been one of the highest-paid names in the Korean entertainment scene as one of the two most prominent and widely-loved hosts.

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