Park Jung Hyun, Lena Park, Syncrofusion, Sewol Sink

Park Jung Hyun(Lena Park)

Singer Park Jung Hyun has postponed her new album release, ‘Syncrofusion’ originally scheduled on 18, due to the accident of the Sewol ferry.

According to her agency, the release date is in temporary delay in the consideration of the tragic accident of the ferry and to join the condolence for the victims. They have also added that the date of the release is in discussion.

Park Jung Hyun was scheduled to make her comeback on 18 with her new album includes three tracks. This album was produced by the production team, ‘Team 89’ that the producer, Yoon Jong Shin is in the lead.

Meanwhile, according to the KBS at 00:40AM, on 18, among the 475 passengers, 20 people were dead, 179 people were rescued, and 276 people are still missing.

Reporter: Jawon Lee

Courtesy of KBS