Girls' Generation, Seo Hyun

Girls’ Generation, Seo Hyun

A member of Girls’ Generation, Seo Hyun posted her comment about the ferry accident on her twitter, on 20.

She said, “Cried until the tears all dried out… the hearts are all torn into pieces with unimaginable pain… I hope there is no more suffering for the families. I’m praying for a miracle, desperately.”

She also added, “I offer my condolences to the deceased to rest in peace.”

Besides, a major leaguer, Ryu Hyun Jin and actor Song Seung Heon have donated a hundred million each for the ferry accident.

So far at the moment of 7:00PM of 20th, as the fifth day after the sink the confirmed number of the rescued is 174, the victims, 58, the missing, 244.

Reporter: Jawon Lee

Photo Credit: Seo Hyun Twitter