Doctor Stranger, Lee Jong Suk, Kang Sora, Park Hye Jin

SBS ‘Doctor Stranger’ Teaser

SBS new Mon-Tue drama, ‘Doctor Stranger’ has released the third teaser, on 21, after the ‘God’s Gift- 14days’.

It started with Kang Sora’s intense slap in Lee Jong Suk’s face and his absurd expression on his face.

Lee Jong Suk and Park Hae Jin’s confrontation was also noticeable with the contrasted images of the two.

Then there was a scene of Lee Jong Suk flashing back to the past and wail.

Thus, this 30sec teaser boosted the viewers’ expectation and interest.

As a medial intelligence melodrama, ‘Doctor Stranger’ is a story of two doctors, Lee Song Suk and Park Hae Jin fighting against a conspiracy.

Reporter: Jawon Lee

Courtesy of AuraMedia